Limitless Performing Arts is dedicated to providing exceptional dance and performance training in a positive environment that focuses on the life skills of dependability, punctuality, responsibility, teamwork, and most importantly, respect for self and others. Dancers of all ages will feel challenged and have the ability to make positive advancements at their own pace!  Small stepping stones along the way create daily routines for success in each of our students' lives!

We are shaping the next generation of

Confident, Committed, and Creative Children...



A. Downs

Staci Turner and Limitless Performing Arts have made and are making a positive impact on the lives of the young people placed in her care.  Dance is not the only skill learned and encouraged at the Studio.   Academics, sisterhood, and community service are embedded in the culture of Limitless. Limitless Performing Arts is providing a place for young people to grow artistically, mentally, and socially. Our community and world is a better place because of it.

R. Vilmont Smith

My daughter Sophia, 8 years old, is on the Autism Spectrum and prior to Limitless Performing Arts, she attended schools that stunted her growth and development. Limitless Performing Arts provides a unique dance program that promotes diversity, confidence, self­ discipline, respect, class, and instills an appreciation for the art of dance. My daughter now has more confidence, she's more social/talkative in class and she is dancing/singing like crazy at home daily. I thought performing on stage in the recitals would be a challenge for her but under Limitless Performing Arts, she has learned that anything is possible and the sky is the limit!

T. Montague

My daughter began taking classes at Limitless Performing Arts in September 2017. Since that time her talent has really flourished.  She has gained a tremendous amount of strength, endurance, growth, discipline and poise.  The amount of progress that she has made over the course of the past 10 months is astounding! Every teacher that my daughter has had the privilege to train under has provided amazing instruction and welcomes creativity as well as individuality.

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