Tips to Begin Your At-Home Dance Practice

We’d all agree that nothing can replace the in-studio dance sessions you or your child have been

missing. But with a little creativity and time, you can transform any unused space into the perfect

retreat for dancing, crafting or working out. 

Below are a handful of resources to help you get started.

How To: Create an at-home studio space

Don’t have much space? Not to worry! Your in-home studio can be as large or as small as space allows.

Create a Dance Space In Your Home

The Best Home Dance Studio and Work Out Space Ideas

How to Make a Room Look Bigger with Mirrors

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Mirror?

Interior Painting Cost by Square Foot

Do Home Improvements Add Value to Your Home?

Projects That Increase Your Home's Value

How To: Learn New Dance Styles

With your room officially ready, why not learn new dance styles? Have some fun!

Beginner's Guide to Ballet

Hip Hop Dance For Beginners

Disco Dance Moves

5 Easy Latin Dance Steps For Kids

How To Waltz Dance For Beginners

How To: Improve your Strength and Flexibility

5 At-Home Exercises You Can Do To Be A Better Dancer

30 Muscle Strengthening Exercises for Kids

21 Exercises to Improve Your Flexibility

Exercises To Improve Your Child’s Flexibility And Coordination

A newly spruced up space in your home will not only help improve the value of your home, it will also boost your mental health and give you the much-needed time to break away. 

Once you’re officially back in the studio, you’ll be a stronger dancer than ever before!

*Written by Derek Cannon for Limitless Performing Arts*



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