Gift vs. Purpose

Updated: Sep 2

If I had a dollar for every time, I was asked the question “What’s your purpose?”, I’d easily have a million dollars! This question is posed to me by family, friends, strangers, and even myself at least 3-4 times a day!

Honestly, I have not completely figured out my purpose…BUT, I am fully aware of my gifts that will eventually lead to my purpose.

Gifts are the abilities you receive – you did nothing to get them, but you have them. You were born with them.

Gifts are the things you do well with little effort. And trust me - everyone on this Earth has a gift (or two).

My gifts {in this season} are Dancing (specifically Classical Ballet), Teaching/Training (Traditional and Non-Traditional Education), Advocacy, Volunteering, Reading, and Writing (Essays, Blog Posts, etc.)

These are the things that come to me easily – they are not always easy to do, but they are innately my gifts and I work to manifest (i.e. use them) in my day to day life. Does that always happen? Not in the least bit (lol) – but it is all a part of the journey. Your gift is not the destination.

As we move through life, we can find ourselves drawn to certain activities, experiences, or interests. You find yourself resonating with a certain calling or strength. Something minor or major. A skill, an ability, a talent that is uniquely yours – uniquely you. It may not always be obvious that the things you have a natural flair for are the exact things you are meant to do in this life.

Take some time to write a bullet list of your interests, the ways you enjoy spending your time, and any gifts you are aware of.

If you are having trouble capturing any of the items above, ask those closest to you (family, friends, etc.) for assistance. Sometimes we cannot see ourselves the way other people experience us and that causes us to miss something.

In the meantime, remember, your gift is the vehicle that leads to your purpose. Do the work now to become excellent at your gift, so that when your purpose exposes itself, you’ll be ready!

*Written by Donielle I. Turner, MS (Licensed Behavior Specialist) *



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