Staci I. Turner, Executive Director

For over thirty years, Staci I. Turner has had the pleasure of teaching, counseling, and mentoring youths in artistic, educational, and judicial settings.  Throughout the years, she has been successful in assisting students in realizing their passions, furthering their education, and finding prominent career paths.  She has received countless awards for her commitment and abilities in helping promote positive futures for our youth and continues to do. 


Staci is a retired Philadelphia School District teacher and the proud mother of one child, her daughter Donielle I. Turner.  Before she could walk, Staci was dancing.  By the age of 3, her natural talents and gift of movement were evident.  Since then, she has evolved into a dynamic dancer, choreographer, and dance educator.  She has been trained by some of the best and world-renowned dancers and choreographers including Marian Cuyjet, Al Perryman, Joan Myers Brown, Libby Spencer, and others.  In all her roles, she instills the knowledge she attained and more to her students. 


Dance is not just a job to Staci, but rather a gift to share with all.  Having that connection to the world of dance, led Staci to open Limitless Performing Arts (Formerly Grace and Style Dance Studio) – now celebrating its 12+1 Year of providing Dance Excellence!  As Owner and Executive Director, Staci puts a great deal of hard work and dedication into educating her dance students and providing them with a solid foundation.  This is seen by the countless opportunities and experiences her dancers are provided. 


Staci encompasses the mission of Limitless Performing Arts wholeheartedly. She and the dance educators are dedicated and devoted to providing a safe, fun, and educational environment where self-worth, respect, independence, and cooperation for everyone is encouraged.  Whether in the lobby, rehearsal space or in the dance studio teaching, you can find “Fancy”, continuously providing students with the tools for success!  

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